Information for Visiting Scholars / Researchers

Our Libraries are typically available from 10 am until 4 pm Monday through Friday. Appointments to come in and use the libraries are preferred; walk-ins can sometimes be accommodated. Please call the librarian to schedule an appointment.

For researchers who need more specialized or in-depth research, or who wish to visit for an extended period of time, it is recommended that you contact the librarian directly to discuss your individual needs.

CFI Libraries can provide limited scanning, photocopying, and has a microform reader / printer. Please contact us for current pricing for copies / scans or to use those devices while here.

For those using some of our more sensitive information or information protected by HIPAA, we require a properly filled acceptable use form.

Citation examples

The type of information helps to determine the preferred citation for the various items here in the libraries. Note: The correct terminology for the overarching libraries and collections is Center for Inquiry Libraries.

If it is called a library, then it is located at the Center for Inquiry:

John and Mary Franz Skeptics’ Library at the Center for Inquiry

Jo Ann Boydston Library of American Philosophical Naturalism at the Center for Inquiry

If it is a collection or something else, it is located in the Center for Inquiry Libraries:

General Archives located in the Center for Inquiry Libraries

Steve Allen Notebooks located in the Center for Inquiry Libraries