The Center for Inquiry Libraries (CFI Libraries) are located across from the North Campus of the University of Buffalo in Amherst, NY. The Libraries are a program of the Center for Inquiry and have been around as long as both CSICOP (The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal now known as the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry {CSI}) and the Council for Secular Humanism. The Libraries consisted of small collections of books and materials housed in different areas of the building. In 1995, construction of a formal library was completed. After several years, more space was added, taking warehouse space and converting it into both a periodical room and a special rare book room.

In 2005, the new wing was added to the Center, but no library space was constructed at the time. In 2010, we received a grant that allowed us to build our Special Collections Room in those spaces. Shelving for these spaces was given to us by Niagara University.

We have already filled that space and will look to expand further into the spaces under the 2005 addition.

The Libraries are a member of OCLC, an online bibliographic utility used by thousands of libraries world-wide to share cataloging records and participate in interlibrary loan. CFI Libraries are also a member of NYLINK, a consortium that provides resources and collaboration amongst New York State libraries.

The Libraries are also a member of WNYLRC (Western New York Library Resources Council) which shares resources and collaborates with libraries in the Western New York area. Timothy Binga was a subject specialist on the paranormal for the Ask Us 24/7 program through WNYLRC and OCLC.